KDE 3.5.1 and 3.6

Daisuke Kameda kaminmat at cc.rim.or.jp
Sun Dec 4 15:50:47 GMT 2005

Nicolas Goutte wrote:
> On Saturday 03 December 2005 15:47, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
>>The main purposes would be
>> - "marketing", especially providing a coordinated PR to all the individual
>>   apps which at other times do it all on their own (I'm thinking about the
>>   wonderful stuff we have like k3b, amarok, taskjuggler, digikam, kimdaba,
>>   gwenview, kopete, quanta, kommander....
>> - and bridging the long wait for our loyal users, give them something new
>>   to use and evangelize about.
>>But this all lives or dies with how the extragear app maintainers feel
>>about this idea.
> There was already an idea of release of combined extragear packages. I do not 
> know how far this idea has gone forward, except the creation of
> branches/stable/extragear.

Your opinion may be correct about releasing extragear packages, but I
feel that it is too long for KDE user to wait for next stable release
one year or more.

Rather, shall we consider how end users can participate in the early
stage of KDE4 development?

1.  Preparing bugzilla for end users.
2.  To enable to easy report the request of usability or function
     from all applications.
3.  Carrying the name of the user who reported the adopted usability
     or function like developers or translators.

The bringing-up game of an electronic pet was in fashion.
It may be in fashion supposing we can "bringing-up" desktop environment.

Daisuke Kameda

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