KDateTime: iteration 5

David Jarvie lists at astrojar.org.uk
Sun Dec 4 18:19:29 GMT 2005

Attached is another revision of the KDateTime header. Again, you can download 
the implementation file at  

I've improved the toString()/fromString() methods and I hope addresses 
people's concerns. '-0000' in the RFC 2822 syntax now translates as UTC, but 
there is bool flag available to enable the caller to detect that '-0000' or 
an unknown time zone name was present, so that applications can do special 
processing if they want to. There is also a setFromStringDefault() method to 
specify what default time specification should be used by fromString() for 
other formats, if no time zone or UTC offset has been specified.

I've also added a facility to set a KDateTime as representing a date only, not 
a date/time.

Some of the APIDOX comments have been improved to make things clearer.

David Jarvie.
KAlarm author and maintainer.
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