[PATCH] a little optimization of KJS GarbageCollector

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Thu Dec 1 16:51:20 GMT 2005

On Thursday 01 December 2005 17:34, Martijn Klingens wrote:

> Do I understand correctly that --enable-debug (without =full) gives the -O2
> -fno-reorder-blocks -fno-schedule-insns -fno-inline that you mentioned?

No, it gives you "-O2 -g" for historic reasons. 

> Do I understand correctly that --enable-warnings is only necessary for the
> --disable-debug case?

No. the initial plan was to disable -Wall for releases, thats why we added 
--enable-warnings switch. However, so far it never happened that the Release 
coordinator changed the flags during release tarball build to make it 
actually use the release settings. 


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