Malaga Discussions III

Daniel Molkentin molkentin at
Wed Aug 31 11:31:38 BST 2005


On Wednesday, 31. August 2005 11:39, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> We had another heated discussion I would like to summarize. Somehow Danimo
> couldn't wait, but blogged 2 minutes after we finished the meeting, so
> there is few to say more than what you can read in

Yes there is: "Components" is a misleading name, can someone come up with a 
better name? I failed so far.

> And to make application development/porting in any way reasonable I
> branched kdelibs to /branches/work/kdelibs4_snapshot - you should use that
> one if you're not interested in developing kdelibs. Expect
> trunk/KDE/kdelibs to be broken at any random time (for now).

Awesome, tnx.


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