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Danny Allen dannya40uk at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 31 09:04:49 BST 2005

Firstly, I disagree that no consensus was reached regarding action over the 
wallpapers. I think if you ask people, there is a pretty strong opinion about 
some action needing to take place.

Only the absolutely worst examples of wallpapers were completely removed, with 
some moving out of kdebase/ and into kdeartwork/ Ditto with the tiles.

Please keep in mind that any change of this type is going be slightly 
controvertial and not liked by all. However, if we needed 100% agreement on 
decisions for KDE, we would not get *any* work done.

Some high-rated wallpapers from kde-look will now enter to bring some quality 
to our default offering for 3.5


On Tuesday 30 August 2005 21:03, you wrote:
> On Tuesday 30 August 2005 21:33, Lukáš Tinkl wrote:
> > Dne út. 30. srpen 2005 20:25 Danny Allen napsal(a):
> > > SVN commit 455166 by dannya:
> > >
> > > cleanup wallpapers for 3.5
> >
> > [snip lots of removed files]
> >
> > >  D             only_k.jpg
> > >  D             only_k.jpg.desktop
> >
> > WTF? That is my current wallpaper and now I'm going to see a blank
> > desktop? I haven't seen any discussion about this on
> > kde-core-devel...
> There was some discussion (but no consensus) about removal of some
> graphics on the kde-devel list, Subject: KDE Kleanup, but as far as I
> can see that just referred to tiles.
> However, my comment in that thread about
> "One thing to consider is that some people may be using some of these
> tiles for their desktop background. It would be a shame to surprise
> them by removing them, so maybe they can be moved to a different module
> (maybe even a new one) so they can still be distributed."
> is still valid in the context of today's commits.
> So, within 8 minutes of the file being removed, the change has already
> annoyed one user (Lukáš). How many more are going to be extremely
> annoyed by this change?
> Cc: kde-core-devel (probably should remove kde-commits in any further
> followups, it's not really a discussion list)
> A.
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