Setting up a KDE Jabber Server

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Mon Aug 29 11:38:35 BST 2005


I would like to set up a Jabber server for KDE.
I would be in KDE4 the default proposal servers for Kopete


 - An user which would like to have a try with jabber will open Kopete and add 
a Jabber account. Kopete will just propose a big lists of public servers 
name, without others information. Results, most of them choose  (i 
did it back in 2002) which is bad because this server is already full, 

 - That will make a kind of advertising for Kopete and KDE,  specially if it 
works on MS Windows.

 - That will make some more Jabber users :   Quote in #kopete few days ago:
[11:57:08] <Tm_M> kde jabber server... maybe I can start using jab

 - That will eventually be possible to offer new features on the server kopete 
already support  (new JEP)

 - That's fun.

Back in 2003 there already had discussion.
There was not real objections, but nothing has been done.
I would like to insist more this time.

For the hosting:
 An user offered to host server.   Anyway, he only hosted a small server 
already, and we want a stable server which will maybe need to accept lots of 
person.  Let's have him a try, and if his server is not enough, we can 
migrate to a more powerfull.

So the real question is:  What domain name for the server.
I suggest:   A private server for developper in  to match with the 
mail address,  and a public servers  or

Personally, i would prefer  for everyone,  but it has been 
said in the 2003 threads this would make think users of this server represent 
KDE.  (which is not true IMO)

There is also others possibilities, with or 

So I would like to see more opinions, or objections. 
And if it is ok, let's go for it :-)

Note: please don't talk about Google on this thread.  (oops, i did :-s)
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