Redefining kdelibs and kdebase

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Sat Aug 27 12:27:07 BST 2005

Le Samedi 27 Août 2005 10:45, Benjamin Meyer a écrit :

> KDE Components
> Consisting of portable, self contained classes that have unit tests.
> That classes should have as little dependancies upon other classes as
> possible.  Like Qt this should be divided up into core and ui
> libraries.  The maintainer should typically be the only commiters for
> each component.

> KDE Frameworks
> Consisting of portable interfaces and classes.  The frameworks are
> the infrastructure that is used to create applications.   It only has
> a dependancies to Desktop through C++ interfaces or dbus

Why do you split them in two categories ?

> KDE Workspace
> Consisting of what is the desktop.  Libraries and applications don't
> need to be portable and probably will only work with X11.  On other
> desktops such as OS X, Windows and Gnome users wouldn't run
> applications that are included with this package.  Your average
> application shouldn't have dependancies to KDE desktop unless they
> are a component such as a screen-saver or panel applet.  Once
> libraries such as KIO are portable then they should be moved into
> frameworks.
> Examples:
> -KWin
> -Plasma
> -Screen-saver
> -System Settings (KControl or whatever it will be)
> -Session Management
> -KDEPrint
> -KFileDialog

I'd put KConrol in the next one.
so Gnome/XFCE/...  user will be able to configure some stuff if they want to 
just use an application,  without installing  kdeworkspace.  
(i'd call it  kdedesktop)

> KDE Base
> Consisting of what runs on the desktop.  This packages is the basic
> set of applications beyond the desktop that KDE applications can
> assume are installed.  These applications should have no problem
> running on Windows, OS X or Gnome as stand alone applications is the
> user wanted them to be.  They would be useful applications in OS X
> etc.  This module might not contain everything that a user would
> expect a basic desktop to have (no calculator, spreadsheet etc) as
> those are in the rest of the modules (kdemultimedia, kdeutils etc)
> Examples:
> -File Manager
> -Viewer
> -Web Browser
> -Help Center
> -Konsole
> -KWrite

Are you sure a viewer and konsole and kwrite are require ?
if i'm under gnome, i don't want to use nautilous, xterm and gedit.
i just need kcontrol and khelpbrowser in fact.

> How it would look in svn:
> kdelibs/kde3support/
> kdelibs/kdecomponents/
> kdelibs/kdeframework/
> kdeworkspace/
> kdebase/
> Even though componants, compat and framework are seperate packages
> they could be in kdelibs.  So end the end we would only be making one
> new module.
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