Skipped for 3.5: system user enhancements

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau Friedrich.W.H at
Wed Aug 24 12:47:21 BST 2005


as I made some noise about this and tomorrow the feature commit freeze starts 
for 3.5 I think I should at least make another, though sad noise:

I did not manage to get something proper done in time. So rather than 
committing the still working but not too satisfying and even more not peer 
reviewed stuff I have on my hard disk and which would touch a lot of places 
inside kde{base,libs} I decided to skip (sigh) that framework for 3.5. 
I will now concentrate on 4.0, try to enhance the user framework where it 
needs more details (like (remote) user presence tracking) and then work to 
have it smoothly integrated into the existing libs and apps from the 
beginning. So hopefully the aspect of multiple users concurrently in the same 
system(s) will get the IMHO needed attention at least in the future.

Won't be in Malaga but wish all of you who are a great time there :)

Frie - no merits so far - drich
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