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James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sun Aug 21 22:47:09 BST 2005

Janet Theobroma wrote:
> Just a note... Riddell wrote an article about this on the 
> KDE-Artists.org website.
> Here is the link: http://kde-artists.org/main/content/view/54/29/ 
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Unfortunately, some of what he says appears to be based on inaccurate
assumptions of how the KDE icon loader works.  Note: that the way it
works does not appear to be correct -- multiple levels of inheritance
results in unexpected results (perhaps the wrong tree parsing method is
being used).

An additional issue which he does not cover is what happens when KDE
apps are run in GNOME.  Apparently, the GNOME menu will use the HiColor
icons, but what about the toolbar icons?  Will the toolbar icons be the
style selected in the GNOME configuration tool or the KDE configuration

And a second one.  He states that if the search gets down to HiColor and
a HiColor icon is not found that then it looks for one in "default.kde".
Is this in the code or does it depend on their being:


in the "index.theme" file?  Should this be in: HiColor as well (is there
a bug since it isn't there?)?  Are other desktops expected to use this?

The other issue is that all KDEClassic icons are HiColor but this does
not imply that the converse is true.  That is a new HiColor icon would
not automatically be a KDEClassic icon.  IMHO, his suggestion that such
icons be removed is not a good suggestion.  They should be placed in:


I also note:

Installing HiColor icons as CrystalSVG accomplishes nothing.  It is a bug
and it should be fixed.

It appears to be a violation of the OpenDesktop standard to install a
CrystalSVG icons as HiColor.

The suggestion that:

>> KDE applications that use the global install method that are not 
>> released with KDE should point their icons to the hicolor folder.

is simply wrong.  This is not necessary.  Global CrystalSVG icons
installed by apps released with KDE will be installed to:
$KDEDIR/share/icons/crystalsvg/<size>/<type>.  If the Crystal style
icons for an app which does not ship with KDE are installed the same
place, why would that be a problem?

Unfortunately, his article has simply added additional confusion to the

CrystalSVG icons should be installed as CrystalSVG icons.  KDEClassic
icons should be installed as KDEClassic.  HiColor icons which are not
KDEClassic should be installed as HiColor.  If this results in icons not
being displayed properly, this is a BUG which should be fixed.  Moving
the icons around to compensate for a bug in code (ours or another
desktop's) is a kludge and should not be done.

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