[PATCH, RFC] no LIBADD for convenience libraries

Adeodato Simó asp16 at alu.ua.es
Fri Aug 19 20:16:35 BST 2005

* Stephan Kulow [Fri, 19 Aug 2005 11:32:11 +0200]:

> >     (*) The libtool in Debian, that is; the pruning-dependency code is
> >     not integrated upstream yet. I know now exists --enable-new-ldflags,
> >     which tries to solve the extra dependencies problem using linker
> >     features rather than libtool ones; but at least in Debian we won't
> >     be enabling it for now, since this feature is broken in several
> >     architectures. I hope this breakage gets fixed soon [3], but in the
> Several? None from the SUSE supported.

  sparc, alpha and hppa, but there seems to be a fix coming (for this

> >     meantime, I constantly dream about KDE's libtool gaining this
> >     prunning support (hey, dreaming is easy), so if there's something I
> >     could do to make progress in that direction, I'd be more than
> >     willing to help (FWIW, I'll be in Málaga).
> KDE 3.5 is in feature freeze and KDE 4 won't have libtool in the current
> form I may hope. But of course you're free to add the support in debian's

  Is there a chance of having a libtool with pruning support for KDE 4,
  even if upstream does not integrate it in time? IOW, would you be
  willing to accept a patch early in the KDE 4 development cycle?

  The --as-needed feature is marked as experimental by upstream, or so I
  am told, and although this will presumably change in the future, there
  may be reasons that force some distribution not to use it, so it'd be
  great to have a second method to remove spurious dependencies from


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