wouldn't tarball snapshots be nice to have?

Artemio artemio at kdemail.net
Wed Aug 17 20:12:00 BST 2005

Hello all!

Great work Michael! This is very, very appreciated. 

I agree with Dirk, doing this on regular basis with a script. For example, you  
have a separate SVN tree that will be updated daily and then tarballs will be 
created out of it. Then I do not think there will be a problem with how many 
modules to have available for download. 

Also, I remember someone brought up the question on keeping these tarballs 
online so that the links can be shared and do not expire - I think it should 
be done this way: there should be symlinks named like 
"kdebase-svn-current.tar.bz2" which point to the actual latest snapshots 
(e.g. "kdebase-svn-r445398.tar.bz2"). This means when a new snapshot is made, 
old tarballs are deleted, but "current" links are valid and just point to the 
new snapshot.

Thanks again to everybody!


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