apidocs problem

Alexander Dymo adymo at mksat.net
Wed Aug 17 19:15:23 BST 2005

On Friday 12 August 2005 00:16, Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> > So you mean the .tag files are correct and the KDevelop code is broken?
> Yes and no. The tag kio/kio.tag is useless, as you have already noticed,
> since there's nothing in it. All the content it _used_ to have is in the
> tag files in the subdirectories. Now, if KDevelop assumes that tag files
> can only be one deep (ie. in kio/ but not in kio/kio/) then the code has
> bad assumptions, but isn't broken. Subtle.
Hmm, right. Andras, you can take a look at 
kdevelop/parts/documentation/plugins/doxygen/docdoxygenplugin.cpp #250
There you will see that the code looks only one level deep into
subdirectories. It doesn't create index for nested subdirs with .tag files.

> > > KDevelop is outside my province -- I'm not sure what they use to
> > > generate their dox.
> > Isn't it doxygen as well?
> Yes, but I don't think they use the standard KDE dox-building framework
> (that's why the kdevelop dox aren't available via api.kde.org nor
> englishbreakfastnetwork.org), so I don't think I've been messing with their
> stuff.
Our dox generation stuff looks and works similar to kdelibs one 
(using Doxyfile.am) but with one improvement. It can generate docs 
for nested library directories into separate dox dirs. For example,
in kdevelop/lib nothing is built because DOXYGEN_EMPTY=yes is set
in Makefile.am but from kdevelop/lib/interfaces separate dox dir is generated
with separate prefix with separate title. Same is done for ldevelop/lib/util.

Alexander Dymo
ICST Department, National University of Shipbuilding, Mykolayiv, Ukraine

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