Potentially obsolete translation templates

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at snafu.de
Sun Aug 14 15:26:41 BST 2005

At the end of this message is the list of translation templates (of
trunk/l10n) that Scripty considers to be potentially obsolete. 

(From: ftp://i18n.kde.org/logs/050813.log ; I have modified the list a 

It would be nice if the corresponding developers could remove these files and 
tell in the commit message which files are used instead (if applicable). 
Please do not forget to CCMAIL:kde-i18n-doc at kde.org

It is to avoid that translators work on files that are obsolete. On the other 
side, the translation work can only be merged if the new files are known.

In future, if you (as developer) change a "messages" target in a Makefile.am, 
so that it changes the translation template, please remove, copy or move that 
translation template and keep kde-i18n-doc at kde.org informed. (Be careful that 
you can only copy and move before Scripty creates the corresponding file in 
the next European night. After that, you can only remove.) Scripty will not 
remove translation templates by itself (as it might be only an error when 
running a "messages" target.)

(The translations themseleves will be moved/deleted/merged later, on what is 
send to kde-i18n-doc at kde.org, probably by David Faure.)

Note 1: the times below are the last modified dates of the files (in the form 
yyyy-mm-dd). Dates in 2005-05 mean that the files are unmodified since the 
conversion from kde-i18n to l10n module.

Note 2: The paths are relative to trunk/l10n . They correspond to 
branches/KDE/3.5 for KDE modules and to trunk for modules outside the KDE 

2005-05-25 templates/messages/extragear-pim/kbthandsfree.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdeaddons/jefferson.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdeaddons/kateprojectmanager.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdeaddons/katespell.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdeaddons/kcmmediacontrol.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdeaddons/kcmvim.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdeaddons/rellinks.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdeaddons/vimpart.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdebase/childpanelextension.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdebase/fontinst.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdebase/kcmemail.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdebase/kcmkwintheme.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdebase/kcmmidi.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdegames/libkdehighscores.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdegraphics/kviewtemplateplugin.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdemultimedia/kcmkmix.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdenetwork/kcmkxmlrpcd.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdenetwork/ktalkd.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdenetwork/kxmlrpcd.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdenonbeta/kcallgui.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdenonbeta/kcontrol4.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdenonbeta/kpolicy.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdepim/kio_newimap4.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdepim/kres_opengroupware.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdepim/libcalendarresources.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdepim/libkcalsystem.pot
2005-05-25 templates/messages/kdepim/libkdenetwork.pot
2005-06-07 templates/messages/kdereview/karamba.pot
2005-06-14 templates/messages/playground-edu/eqchem.pot
2005-07-13 templates/messages/kdenonbeta/ktranslator_clipboard.pot
2005-07-25 templates/messages/kdenonbeta/ktranslator_ocr.pot
2005-07-27 templates/messages/kdenonbeta/ktranslator_babylon.pot
2005-07-27 templates/messages/kdenonbeta/ktranslator_freedict.pot
2005-07-27 templates/messages/kdenonbeta/ktranslator_freedictxml.pot
2005-07-27 templates/messages/kdenonbeta/ktranslator_ktranslator.pot
2005-07-27 templates/messages/kdenonbeta/ktranslator_plaintext.pot

Have a nice day!

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