wouldn't tarball snapshots be nice to have?

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Sun Aug 14 00:35:25 BST 2005

Kuba Ober wrote:
>> True, but the compression is not always enabled on the server because
>> the load goes too high. Dirk had to turn it off on the main server
>> just after the switch because it was getting no one anywhere.
>Hmm, maybe the following could be done then:
>1. Have the default ssh port support not encrypted stuff only.
>2. Have a separate ssh port where highest level of gzip is enabled,
> where every connection has the bandwitdth limited to 64kbit/s, and
> where if the total bandwidth served with compression starts exceeding
> certain value, no compression is offered to new connections.

We're talking HTTP, not ssh. The problem is not the bandwidth, but the 
server load caused by the compression.

Either way, https and ssh are always encrypted.

The best solution I can see is to provide weekly or daily SVN checkouts 
with only .svn dirs. Those checkouts can be bzipped2 to the max 
compression and put on mirrored, high-speed servers. This is more or less 
how we managed to get our Subversion checkouts anyways.

>Judging from the kernel sources that's some 25% difference on average.
> That's not too terrible, right? Asthe difference between uncompressed
> and compressed is in several 100s of percent, AFAIR? So the from bzip2
> vs. gzip is an order of mangitude less than between uncompressed and
> compressed.

You're comparing gzip level 9 to bzip2 level 9. Try to compare to gzip 
level 3.

Are you quite sure 25% is negligible? My Subversion checkout is 4 GB in 
size. Even considering a 100% overhead, that's still 2 GB to be 
compressed. At 10:1 compression, we're talking a 50MB difference between 
gzip and bzip2. If the target is dial up users, 50MB is quite a lot.

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3. Ac seo woruld wearð geborod, swá se Scieppend cwæð "Gewurde Unix" and 
wundor fremede and him "Unix" genemned, þæt is se rihtendgesamnung.
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