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Stephan Binner binner at
Fri Aug 12 10:27:48 BST 2005

On Tuesday 09 August 2005 00:50, Christoph Cullmann wrote:

> > > Then the so called "maintainer" should rather step back than whine about
> > I don't understand this.
> Me neither :)

OK, let me elaborate on it. I feel there is a widespread "no efforts" attitude 
among maintainers of applications which are in the KDE modules/releases: they
are glad that they don't have to package the applications but also don't care
about increasing application versions or listing bugfixes/new features for
releases or updating webpages or entries on application index sites. 

I think this hurts KDE overall. I don't know any other Open Source project 
(including GNOME) were the packaging part of a release process is done by the 
release dude (and the other above points are accepted to be neglected).

If an maintainer doesn't increase version numbers, adds a changelog for making 
new tarball then there will be simply no new release (with new features) in 
other projects. And it's also a good way to detect which maintainers are 
still active. Those who are not making releases/tarballs will also likely 
don't care about bug reports or watch the commits to their applications.

Maybe I'm wrong with the "no efforts" attitude and all those maintainers are 
actually dead - then we have an even bigger quality problem long term.


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