A new KColorCombo fro KDE 4?

Sébastien Laoût slaout at linux62.org
Wed Aug 10 16:48:47 BST 2005

Le Mercredi 10 Août 2005 16:21, Stephan Kulow a écrit :
> > * Can it replace KComboBox in KDE 4?
> I see no big problem with that.


> > * Can it be introduced as a complement in KDE 3.5?
> Do you see any risks yourself?

No, I don't see any risk.

Note that I don't have SVN access, nor I have hard-drive space to install SVN 
kdelibs in parallel, so can someone else commit it (when it will be done, of 
course): I will then be happy to help if it doesn't work.

> Haven't looked at it, but usually the demands for e.g. kcontrol is just
> a static function to get a new color.

It have a quite similar API than KColoCombo.
color(), setColor(), a construcotr that take an initial color...

> > * Is it necessary to include the old KComboBox colors preset or was it
> > here just because a default preset was needed?
> Not sure I understand that question.

Ho... I was meaning "KColorCombo colors preset"!
When creating a KColorCombo, if comes with 17 colors: The Qt::* ones.
Is there a need to add a methods eg. setQtPreset() to make an array with those 
I don't think it should be done since the new rainbow array is better IMHO...

> -> koffice-devel at kde.org?

OK, I will mail them.

Best regards,
Sébastien Laoût.

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