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Tue Aug 9 21:33:35 BST 2005

Michael Nottebrock wrote:
>> Another point is that some small apps make no sense being packaged
>> separately. Users would never find out they exist.
>There are very popular and successful facilities to promote KDE
> applications of any sort - people regularly come up in the kde-freebsd
> IRC channel and tell or ask about applications I, the packager dude,
> haven't heard of before (mostly because I'm too busy with the mainline
> KDE stuff to really care for everything else out there).

I know you're not asking to split every single app into a separate module, 
for all apps. I think a compromise here of making bundles of related 
apps, smaller than our current SVN modules, might be ideal. It might also 
be interesting to spread out their release schedules over the year.

To make my point clear: I compile all of the SVN modules, plus most of 
extragear, kdereview and playground. And yet I found out about 
kcolorchooser only two weeks ago! It's one of those nifty tools that no 
one will bother to download and install unless it comes bundled with 
something else.

>That's just not true. Kdegraphics as a whole has many *more*
> dependencies than just kpdf, kghostview and kdvi, and you have to track
> them all - at least if you're a packager.

True, but the splitting can only add complexity for those that want 
everything. It may facilitate a bit for those that want only parts of 

>> (fictitious data)
>> kile 2.0 requires kpdf 1.0, kghostview 0.25 and kdvi 1.5
>> kile 2.0.1 requires kpdf 1.0.1 to fix a regression
>> kile 2.1 requires kpdf 1.0.1, kghostview 0.27 and kdvi 1.6
>> etc.
>How is that different from the specific requirements from applications
> in a module?

Let's make it more interesting:
kpdf 1.0.x conflicts with libfontconfig >= 1.3.5
kdvi 1.6 requires libfontconfig 1.3.6

The fact that those two were developed separately made it impossible for 
someone to use kile 2.1.

Let me just say again that I'm taking this to extremes to see what all 
possibilities would be. I am not saying this kind of complex dependencies 
will happen at all (or that kpdf, kdvi and kile's developers wouldn't 
talk to each other and solve the problem).

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