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Christoph Cullmann cullmann at
Mon Aug 8 23:50:42 BST 2005

On Monday 08 August 2005 23:32, Andras Mantia wrote:
> On Monday 08 August 2005 23:14, Stephan Binner wrote:
> > On Monday 08 August 2005 19:37, Andras Mantia wrote:
> > >> It would probably make release management quite a bit easier for
> > >> everyone
> > >
> > > Except for those maintaining the application...
> >
> > Then the so called "maintainer" should rather step back than whine
> > about.
> I don't understand this. 
Me neither :)
For many small apps I think it is really senseless to pull the maintainers (if there are any real ones)
to do the releases on their own, why would somebody want to release kfloppy, kedit, kregexpeditor, ...
in a different cycle than the normal KDE stuff? And more important, won't that lead to complete confusion, 
as the i18n team will be facing 100th's of message freezes & release dates, each small app may end with it's own?

> > > Isn't it so that extragear is for those who for one reason or the
> > > other are not trying to follow the KDE release schedule?
> >
> > No. KDE Extragear is for applications to take advantage of KDE
> > services (SVN, translation, homepage,...) without having to be a part
> > of the KDE releases.
> And if the maintainer wants to be part of the releases? Especially as in 
> this case we are talking about applications that are part of KDE 
> releases right now.
btw., atm (perhaps because it is too late) I don't understand the difference between:

"are not trying to follow the KDE release schedule"


"without having to be a part of the KDE releases"

(because that extragear allows use of svn, translations, ... and so on is just the same as being in e.g. kdeutils or an other package)

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