Maks Orlovich mo85 at cornell.edu
Thu Sep 30 18:21:08 BST 2004

> In DCOP this problem is worsened because of the lower level call/reply
> sequence (dictated by libICE?) I always get headache when I try to figure
> out how it works, but the idea is that the reply is coupled to the call by
> means of sequence, so you must handle calls in sequence otherwise the reply
> to one call is considered the reply to another call.

Nah, nothing to do with ICE or libICE. It's just that DCOP calls don't 
normally have sequence numbers, so you have to match up replies to requests 
directly. Which is perfectly reasonable when you block.

> We have put stuff on 
> top of it (DCOPWait) to work around that limitation. DCOPWait is basically

You mean DCOPReplyWait? That's only relevant for asynchronous replies, though. 
You should know, you implemented that :-)

> [*] Disclaimer, the above is recalled from memory, actual DCOP behavior
> might be different.

Disclaimer: the above is from reading code only, and implementing code that 
does some of those things. 

(BTW, for the -synchronous- portion of the protocol only, 
kdenonbeta/lyod/dcop/client.cpp may be easier reading than the full impl in 
kdelibs/dcop/dcopclient.cpp </shameless plug>)

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