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Wed Sep 29 18:41:10 BST 2004

On Wednesday 29 of September 2004 19:12, Maksim Orlovich wrote:
> (I believe writing an implentation of most of ICE, DCOP, and a somewhat
> more sophisticated class project called SDO, which has far more precise
> semantic guarantees than either DCOP or DBUS, along with dozens of
> protocols, and heaving read the D-BUS spec, and being one of the few
> people who have actually read the ICE spec, makes me somewhat qualified.
> You would have to threaten me w/something more substantial than an
> application of moderator priviliges which unfortunately reeks of conflict
> of interest to make me read all 30,000+ lines of code in the DBUS library,
> however)
> > Technically DBUS provides roughly the same capabilities as DCOP. This is
> > not
> It also lacks quite a few capabilities, such as DCOP's deadlock avoidance
> strategies; and suffers from an inferior base protocol that does not
> provide features such as version auto-negotiation and fully modular
> authenicaton system. I can not tell whether asynchronous replies are valid
> from the spec. The sequence numbers certainly make it possible, but the
> spec doens't really provide any sort of a clear semantic, on blocking,
> ordering, etc. These sorts of things can cause awfully subtle recursion
> bugs.

 - Do they know?
 - How difficult would it be to fix it?

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