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Wed Sep 29 17:04:15 BST 2004

Ian Reinhart Geiser wrote:
>Against DBUS:
>a) More glib (someone please get these guys the Thinking in C++ book)

I don't think this point is an issue. The wire format for D-BUS is defined. 
So we can write our own libkdbus library if we so wish, with C++ bindings.

It would be necessary to have a library anyways if my idea of a DCOP alias 
inside D-BUS is to be followed.

>b) No-one has really adopted it yet.  I think HAL uses it to a limited
>extent, and maybe gconf is maybe moving to it?  It all looks like someone
>is waiting for someone else to bite.  This didn't turn out so well with
>DCOP or arts.

That someone else would be us. Putting the KDE weight behind it could give 
the momentum it needs. DCOP and MCOP are largely KDE-exclusive.

>For DCOP:
>c) Bindings

That doesn't have to go away.

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