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Wed Sep 29 16:47:36 BST 2004

Thiago Macieira wrote:
>- write a DCOP-to-DBUS bridge (dcopserver being a D-BUS client, maybe?)
>which would relay messages from DCOP to the D-BUS environment.

Complementing myself:

KDE3 applications using native DCOP would not be able to access non-KDE4 
D-BUS applications. Let me explain:

KDE4 applications using our D-BUS implementatino would register DCOP alias 
names inside the D-BUS namespace "org.kde.dcop.appname.objname".  
Therefore, if a DCOP call is received on our KDE4 dcopserver, it can be 
routed to the KDE4 application using D-BUS.

However, those KDE3 applications using DCOP would not be able to call 
"obj.freedesktop.screensaver", since there would be no DCOP alias for them. 
I don't believe this to be a problem since KDE3 applications cannot call 
that *now*. Since their view of the world is already restricted *now*, we 
wouldn't do any harm by *not* enhancing that view.

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