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Tue Sep 28 10:29:22 BST 2004

> In kcontrol you can specify the icons to be double-sized.  Is this
> purely historical?  I know back in the day we didn't have large sizes
> like 128.  Was there another reason why someone would want
> double-sized icons vs letting them scale up without being jagged?  I
> came across this bug
> (http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=75448) about it and got me
> wondering why it was even an option.  Anyone know?  Someone that can
> be removed in 4.0? 

This option is there for reasons of accessibility: 
If you want to scale up pixmap-icons for visually impaired people then
you certainly don't want them to appear blurred/jagged but as sharp as

So if you want to "fix" this bug then you might want to do it by adding
some "accessibility"-words to the description.

Torsten Rahn


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