KHTML printing to A4?

Ian Reinhart Geiser geiseri at
Fri Sep 24 19:28:04 BST 2004

George Staikos said:
> Has anyone else noticed problems with KHTML only printing in A4 mode when
> it's
> sent to a printer, but printing in the proper paper format for output to
> PS?
> I used to print from KMail and Konqueror all the time and it would print
> in
> proper dimensions, but lately it prints cut-off, and it looks like it's
> close
> to A4 format.  The odd thing is that when I print to a postscript file,
> open
> in kghostview, and print from there, it works fine.  I'm a bit confused as
> to
> where the problem could be.
Actually the solution I found was to set the margins to be 0.25 vs what
ever the default is.  Then it prints normally.

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