RFC: ExtDate in kdelibs?

Jason Harris kstars at 30doradus.org
Mon Sep 20 17:41:15 BST 2004


Olaf wrote:
> How do you handle the calendar reform? Do you project the Gregorian dates 
> back into earlier centruries, even where the Gregorian calendar didn't 
> exist yet?

Yes, we simply project the Gregorian calendar backward as if it had always 
existed.  One could think of doing it different ways; attempting to revert to 
the Julian calendar, and then to a calendar with no leap years, at the 
appropriate historical times.  However, determining those times is neither 
trivial nor uniform throughout the globe.  We chose to project Gregorian in 
order to have the calendar remain synched to the solar seasons as much as 

It's hard to determine the "right" way of mapping remote dates onto a 
calendar.  We could perhaps implement multiple schemes with different 


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