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In all of KDE CVS, as far as I can tell, there are exactly _two_ 
noinst_LIBRARIES which are Qt based (most noinsts are pure C convenience 
thingies). Once is kdepim/libemailfunctions, the other is somewhere in 
kdenetwork/kopete. The thing with noinsts is that they don't get the usual 
$(LIB_QT) added, and when you throw --enable-closure into the mix, they don't 
link at all anymore, since the (now required) references to libqt-mt and 
whaterver else aren't made.

In kdepim/, I added $(LIB_QT) and $(LIB_KDECORE) to _LIBADD, which makes it 
link again. In kopete, I can't tell so quickly what needs to be added, the 
library structure seems to be a bit of a mess. It suggests to me that we need 
something similar to KDE_OPTIONS=nofinal -- a KDE_OPTIONS=noclosure, that 
prevents closure in those places where we need it (alternatively, not doing 
closure on C++-based libs might work as well, but sounds trickier).

The attached patch adds this, and seems to work for libemailfunctions at 
least. OK?

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