DCOP D-BUS HAL and new cd's

Kévin Ottens ervin at ipsquad.net
Sat Sep 18 18:16:24 BST 2004

Le Samedi 18 Septembre 2004 07:17, Dawit A. a écrit :
> Has anybody looked at discover (also mentioned in the HAL docs) ?
> http://componentizedlinux.org/discover/

I looked at it. And it looks really good, my only concern with it (last time I 
checked) is that you have to rescan the whole computer when you ask 
informations only on one device (using the library).

But, with some more work it could become a very good alternative to HAL imho.
Or a way to simplify HAL a lot, and maybe improve it's portability (moving the 
depend from the Linux kernel itself for a lot of the work to a library that 
can have an equivalent on other systems).

By the way, I took a look to "lshw" too... it's a small tool but it works 
quite well!

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