RFC: kdenonbeta reorganisation

Gary L. Greene, Jr. greeneg at arklinux.org
Sat Sep 18 03:23:07 BST 2004

On Friday 17 September 2004 06:38 am, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> The kdenonbeta CVS module has a high degree of unmaintainability due to its
> size and the rather large difference in maturity between the various
> projects inside it. To make it more accessable and better maintainable, I
> would like to propose to split kdenonbeta in the following modules:
> 1) kdeplayground-1, kdeplayground-2, ..., kdeplayground-N
> The kdeplayground modules are intended for new developments that start from
> scratch or that otherwise still have quite some way to go before they reach
> a stable/mature state. Typical for these developments is that a large
> percentage of them never reach maturity and are being left abandoned after
> some time. This isn't bad in and of itself, but it would be nice if we had
> them a bit more separated from the rest.
> Numbered and size-limited for managability, just like the kdeextragear
> modules.
> 2) kdereview-1, kdereview-2, ..., kdereview-N
> The kdereview modules are intended as staging area for relative stable
> software before it goes to one of the main KDE modules, or to kdeextragear.
> Typically it would be used to adjust imported projects to the KDE build
> environment and ideally it would receive a security review, usability
> review and some style guide compliance checking before it moves along.
> If there is concensus on this change I would like to make these changes in
> about 2 weeks from now.
> Cheers,
> Waldo

As the maintainer for KXConfig, I see no issue from me about the change.
However, I think that Cornelius may have a point. At the moment, folks don't
know about the nifty apps in kdenonbeta. Maybe a set of pages like
kdeextragear stating what's in the various playgrounds and reviews (with
ample warnings that these may be in various states of development) and their
purpose would be a good idea? As for KXConfig, I think that once I get it
ported to use either Xorg or XFree86, I'd like to get it moved to one of the

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