RFC: kdenonbeta reorganisation

David Faure faure at kde.org
Fri Sep 17 20:02:21 BST 2004

On Friday 17 September 2004 15:00, Cornelius Schumacher wrote:
> I don't like the moving around of projects in CVS involved with this 
> organization (e.g. a project starting in the playground then being 
> moved to the review module and finally being moved to a core module).

Actually if we don't care much about errors for people updating old checkouts
in those directories, we can easily move stuff around modules without duplicating 
the history on the server (we did that with kdenonbeta too, except when there
were separate releases of the kdenonbeta code).

> I also don't like the splitting up in N modules. Partial checkouts of 
> kdenonbeta work very well for me. What aspect of managability do you 
> want to address by the split-up?
> Having one flat module makes it easier to find a project. It's always 
> annoying to check out a project from kdeextragear because you first 
> have to look through all the extragear modules where the project 
> actually is located.

Yeah, I agree with that. Numbered modules make it hard to find something.
I don't see a problem with one big module either.

The problem with the kdeplayground-multimedia etc. idea is that we're going
to have a *lot* of modules (basically tripling the number of modules we already have,
if we do kdeplayground-multimedia and kdereview-multimedia !!!).
I would really be easier for everyone IMHO to stick to one module (well two:
kdeplayground and kdereview).

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