RFC: kdenonbeta reorganisation

Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Fri Sep 17 11:38:05 BST 2004

The kdenonbeta CVS module has a high degree of unmaintainability due to its 
size and the rather large difference in maturity between the various projects 
inside it. To make it more accessable and better maintainable, I would like 
to propose to split kdenonbeta in the following modules:

1) kdeplayground-1, kdeplayground-2, ..., kdeplayground-N

The kdeplayground modules are intended for new developments that start from 
scratch or that otherwise still have quite some way to go before they reach a 
stable/mature state. Typical for these developments is that a large 
percentage of them never reach maturity and are being left abandoned after 
some time. This isn't bad in and of itself, but it would be nice if we had 
them a bit more separated from the rest.

Numbered and size-limited for managability, just like the kdeextragear 

2) kdereview-1, kdereview-2, ..., kdereview-N

The kdereview modules are intended as staging area for relative stable 
software before it goes to one of the main KDE modules, or to kdeextragear.
Typically it would be used to adjust imported projects to the KDE build 
environment and ideally it would receive a security review, usability review 
and some style guide compliance checking before it moves along.

If there is concensus on this change I would like to make these changes in 
about 2 weeks from now.

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