DCOP D-BUS HAL and new cd's

Jérôme Lodewyck jerome.lodewyck at normalesup.org
Thu Sep 16 21:12:37 BST 2004

Le jeudi 16 Septembre 2004 18:05, Kévin Ottens a écrit :
> I agree here, maybe it's time for have a mailing list for this kind of
> topics. We have to handle the hardware correctly and some aspects of this
> work is in the hands of KDE developers.
> I vote for the creation of a "KDE Hardware Task Force" (I've no better name
> currently). And in my opinion it would be a big plus to have people using
> and working on non-Linux systems to avoid the "not portable trap". Not
> forgeting other Unices is very important for the KDE project.

I second the creation of a mailing list dedicated to hardware. This would be 
an ideal place to discuss about all this. Hardware handling in KDE needs some 
stable and documented architecturing, with possibilities for external tools 
connections (such as HAL).

Jérôme Lodewyck

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