Is it the time for "KSpeach"?

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[Piotr Szymanski, Dienstag, 14. September 2004 22:05]
> Hi,
> Jarosław Staniek (Tuesday 14 of September 2004 21:05):
> >
> > What do you think?
> Checkout kdenonbeta/kttsd.
> Anyway Polish speech synthesizers suck bigtime and there is no
> opensource organisation/movement in poland that could get the funds or
> that would want to fund to create a good set of voices.

We have the same problem for German. Apart from the low quality of the 
Mbrola and Festival solutions for non-English texts, we have the bigger 
problem that Mbrola is non-commercial-only, closed-source and abandoned.

At aKademy, IBM announced that they will make ViaVoice available for Linux 
again through a reseller really soon, which would mean that we will have 
at least a high quality, maintained, proprietary solution for speech 
recognition and synthesis on Linux. I am not sure how this relates to the 
newer announcement of open-sourcing voice recognition software.

The articles and announcements were really short, so it is not clear which 
kind of code exactly will be open-sourced. I have the impression that it 
is not a complete speech recognition system like ViaVoice, but rather 
code that would be used for applications that only have to deal with a 
few dozen words. Speech synthesis is not mentioned at all. My impression 
could be wrong though.

> Anyway, I havent used kttsd since 9 June 2004 and it didnt work then,

What was the problem?

> it seems there was a major rewrite though.

Yes, that's true. Could you check whether the error is still present? 


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