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Tue Sep 14 04:45:06 BST 2004

On Monday 13 September 2004 15:17, Ian Reinhart Geiser wrote:
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> Subject: kdelibs/kdeui
> From:    "Ian Reinhart Geiser" <geiseri at kde.org>
> Date:    Mon, September 13, 2004 11:02 am
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> Cc:      kde-useability at kde.org
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> CVS commit by geiseri:
> Added a few other items that appear in KControl control panels to std  gui
> items.  The details might not be completely correct yet, but at  least now
> we can change those in one place.
> Added ability to change a KPushButton on just a std gui property enum.
> Added hack so Qt designer will let us change the KStdGuiItem property
> from the designer.  

I wrote a patch for that a long time ago but had an hard disc crash, it's 
probably there somewhere in my backup files.

I see Designer shows it as ints, and the texts are written back into the xml 
file(translation..). My version had the enum names in the property list, and 
the problem of writing the text into the xml file was partially solved(some 
small issue, I remember I knew people would know how to solve it, once it was 
asked on one of the lists).

How did I solve the wonderful world of moc's members-in-other-files issue? I 
didn't; I blatantly copied the enum into KPushButton. It's butt ugly, but it 
works, and all it requires is making sure the two copies(KStdGuiItem, 
KPushButton) is kept in sync; large scary comments next to them. (IMHO, 

Avoiding getting the text written back was solved by testing the kapp pointer 
in the get function(here was some weird problem, IIRC perhaps, the class 

I doubt I'll find the patch, but perhaps it spur some ideas.

(I wish Designer in Qt 4 will be a big, flexible, plugin system..)

> End result we can now do standard gui items from Qt 
> designer, and now with the ability to extract UI files from a QWidget we
> can completely maintain KControl pages with UI files.

FYI, Ian talks about Reinhold's(and others, dunno) cool code:



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