[PATCH] Fixing the search for KAboutData (#87536)

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at snafu.de
Mon Sep 13 23:06:43 BST 2004

The attached patch is for the file kde-common/admin/cvs.sh

It tries to fix the search for KAboutData in source to add the necessary i18n 
entries so that the translators can add their names and emails to the 
application translation.

- "grep -r *.c* *.C*" would only recurse when finding directory matching that 
pattern which is not possible.

- use *.h* as some KAboutData are only defined there.
- remove *.C* as using *.C as extension is not allowed anymore in KDE for a 
few years now.
- use -s for grep, as the first find is more than enough for us.

This should probably backported to the 2 current stable branches, 
KDE_3_3_BRANCH and KOFFICE_1_3_BRANCH. But perhaps testing it first in CVS 
HEAD would perhaps be better.

This fix is part of bug #87536 but it is not sure if this fix is sufficient 
for fixing the complete bug.

Have a nice day!
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