KImageEffect compile fixes/ bug fixes

Jarosław Staniek js at
Mon Sep 13 17:57:41 BST 2004

> Ian Reinhart Geiser said:
>>Jaros^(3)aw Staniek said:
>>no not okay.
>>whats it do? tests are useful for this sort of thing.
>>   -ian reinhart geiser
> the zero out the struct is cool, but im not sure what the double cast
> accomplishes... this code is basicly untested, and the limited tests we
> have done on it, cause odd behavior when you do "correct" casts.
> Do you have a test that this in fact fixes anything?

Yes, using win32, execute


in kdefx/ directory. Without the patch there is compilter error (sqrt() has 
many overloads). With the patch all is ok. Enough?

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