widget style cleanup

Torsten Rahn torsten.rahn at credativ.de
Mon Sep 13 15:52:29 BST 2004

> I also think you're being a bit short sighted
> presuming we wouldn't come up w/something better for 4.0

Well, I think it's really hard to find something that looks rather "neutral", 
modern and is widely popular at the same time. So right now Plastik is by far 
our best option in terms of "look". 

Of course our current default is better tested than Plastik itself. But this 
has always been the situation with any style-changes before. And although it 
might sound "short-sightened" to you (as I don't work on the code) I'm quite 
confident that once Plastik is in kdelibs, the code quality will 
increase ... ;-)

Torsten Rahn

KDE-Artist Team

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