File drop popup menu removal

Frans Englich frans.englich at
Wed Sep 8 07:31:03 BST 2004

How this popup or how any other practical detail should behave, should not be 
an issue in itself, but a given answer from how the Drag&Drop concept in 
general shall work in KDE(per-application D&D configuration options is 
another example). In other words, I don't think we can reach a sensible 
answer in this thread -- it easily becomes an ad-hoc solution inconsistent to 
other situations and without a broader thinking -- but we must look at it 
from a wider perspective. Our current HIG is not extensive enough to be of 
use, but our future HIG will cover it. Ending this thread: good idea. 
Research current HIGs, ponder, and write a Drag&Drop draft for the future 
HIG: good idea.

I opened a bug report on this so it doesn't get forgotten:

BTW, filing bug reports on "HIG" is a great way to make sure the HIG should 
cover a certain topic which people find unclear or wonder about. For example, 
in case a micro issue is  brought to discussion(the common case) and people 
don't know how to handle it, a bug can be filed so a clear and definitive 
answer is at some point given. Remember to separate the bug description(what 
needs to be covered) from suggestions to how to solve it.


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