File drop popup menu removal

Guillaume Laurent glaurent at
Mon Sep 6 11:44:47 BST 2004

David Faure wrote:

>The other option is to stat the source directory before showing the popup,
>but that's too slow.
I suppose Konq has an internal list of all its views, they could all 
cary cached stat() info. Rather than stat()ing the source dir, we could 
simply look that info up. It would work only for drops from konq, but 
that's good enough IMHO.

>>A simple rule could be to copy when dropping to a different  
>>filesystem, move otherwise.
>You mean not showing the popup, too, then?
At least show it only where there's actually something to choose from, 
and even then default to the likeliest choice.

>I hate this semi-clever behavior in Windows.
>Any program which tries to guess what the user wants is bound to fail.
Yes, but that program will be annoying only when it's wrong, and that 
can seldom happen. On the other hand a program which always asks for an 
obvious answer is always annoying :-).

>And any program which modifies its behavior based on something that
>is more or less hidden to the user (isn't the whole idea of mountpoints
>to *hide* the filesystem separations?) is bad behavior.
Yes, but to most users the very idea of mounting a floppy or any 
removeable media for that matter is completely alien. On the contrary, 
what we generally want to hide is the mount itself (e.g. supermount) not 
the fact that the floppy can be seen as a filesystem just like their 
home dir.


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