distccKnoppix (now with icecream)

James Michael Greenhalgh jgreenhalgh at opendoorsoftware.com
Fri Sep 3 19:08:37 BST 2004

On Thu, 2004-09-02 at 12:47, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> It would be cool if from the command line you could get a list of the online 
> machines for scripts.  Anyone know how?
> - -Benjamin Meyer

I'm not sure which port the icecream nodes run on (10245+?) but for
distcc I have a script that performs the following:

nmap -p 3632 | grep -B2 open | grep ports | awk {'print
$4'} | sed 's/\:$//'

Just change the "-p 3632" to the port (or port range) that icecream can
be found on.


James Michael Greenhalgh <jgreenhalgh at opendoorsoftware.com>
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