[patches] Add keybindings for 4 multimedia keys / konqueror double keybinding / Find File shortcut

Michael Jahn michael.linux at web.de
Sun Sep 5 18:32:20 BST 2004

Hi all, 

Description of the patches:

1. add_some_multimedia_keys.diff: 
adds default keybindings for XF86Back, XF86Forward, XF86HomePage and 
XF86Refresh. If this one is applied and the user has set up his keyboard 
correctly it just works (TM) without having to assign keyboard shortcuts.

2. del_DuplicateWindowShortcut.diff: 
konq_mainwindow.cc:3451 - this binds Ctrl-D to "Duplicate Window". This is 
also the default for "Add Bookmark" thus double-binding the shortcut. The 
attached patch removes the keybinding for "Duplicate Window" because I 
couldn't find a reasonable replacement. Let the user do the searching :-) - 
or maybe you are more creative. This is annoying when you want to add a 
bookmark but another konqueror window is opened instead.("Add Bookmark" 
should keep Control-D to be compatible with all the other browsers out 

3. add_FindFileShortcut.diff
sets up Ctrl-F as the default shortcut for "Find File". This double-binds 
Ctrl-F because it is also the default shortcut for "Find". Contrary to 2. I 
can't see any negative side effects. Ugly, but it works for me :-)

All of these are against HEAD but they can (and should, imho) also be applied 
to 3.3 branch. I don't have a cvs account so I can't commit. 

Disclaimer: I am not a C++ programmer (yet) and I have no knowledge of the 
konqueror source. I made these and they work for me :-)

Michael Jahn
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