Adding Reinhardt Widget Style and Icon Set to CVS?

Dan Jensen admin at
Sun Sep 5 14:20:58 BST 2004

Hello there,

  I have been requested by a bunch of people to add the Reinhardt Widget Style 
and Icon Set to KDE's CVS. Now that the icon set has been reduced in physical 
size from some 15-odd megabytes to 4.5, due to changing to using SVG for 
everything but the 16x16 icons and the throbber, and the widget style has had 
by far most of the bugs weeded out of it, I request permission to add these 
to KDE CVS and directions to where to add them :)

..Dan // Leinir..

"A vast swimmer keeps no pets"
 -Seamus Harper, Andromeda 1:14

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