KConfigXT and kdeglobals - Linux Registry as option for 4.0 ?

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Sun Sep 5 13:33:26 BST 2004

On Sunday 05 September 2004 9:08, Frans Englich wrote:
> As a programmer I do of course tear my hair out when looking at ~/.* 
> or /etc,  but I don't see how it affects desktop integration or open source 
> advancement: It only looks ugly under the hood.(feel free to explain)

Simple, actually.  As long as we have dozens of different configuration file 
formats writing a generalized "configure your computer here" tool will always 
be an inexact science.  I mean -- pretty much every Linux configuration tool 
is a huge hack that pretends to understand 50 file formats and tries to write 
them as well.  Basically this means that configuring a Linux system 
completely never really will be seamless until we solve this problem.  That's 
not a big deal for corporate installations, but it is a significant barrier 
for home users.

Inside of projects like KDE or GNOME we've come up with reasonable solutions 
to this problem, but there's nothing that's supported system wide.

> In that case I would rather spend time [...]
> Nevertheless, I think KDE API-users can be pretty ignorant [...]
> Throwing out a crazy idea I won't implement [...]

Those are all pretty much irrelevant to the present discussion.  The first one 
is a completely separate question; the last two implementation details.  (And 
I don't think compression of a couple of megabytes is worth the overhead, but 
feel free to benchmark it at some point.)


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