KDElibs/win32 :: "bootstrap" files

Jarosław Staniek js at iidea.pl
Thu Sep 2 17:04:36 BST 2004

Finally, after weeks of preparation, KDElibs/win32 patches that I have 
announced before, are ready to review. 

1. New files to add into kdecore/ and a diff against kdecore/Makefile.am:

-kdelibs.h : included in almost every .cpp file once, used to add defines like 
qglobal.h does. (kdemacros.h includes it implicity)

-kdelibs_win.h : every define isolated for win32

-kkeyserver.h -just a wrapper to kkeyserver_x11.h but would be best to just 
rename kkeyserver_x11.h to kkeyserver.h and kkeyserver_x11.cpp to 

Please review

More will be posted very soon.

PS: I've created up-to-dated page about merge status:

regards / pozdrawiam,
  Jaroslaw Staniek / OpenOffice Polska
  Kexi Project: http://www.kexi-project.org, http://koffice.kde.org/kexi
  QT-KDE Wrapper Project: http://iidea.pl/~js/qkw

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