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Thu Sep 2 02:51:15 BST 2004

On Wednesday 01 September 2004 23:14, Carlos Leonhard Woelz wrote:
> On Wed, 1 Sep 2004 20:13:49 +0000, "Frans Englich"
> <frans.englich at> said:
> > Aaron replied:
> > "i think that by simply going ahead and pretending to represent KDE's
> > usability processes, including writing articles that are, quite frankly,
> > embarrassing to those involved in the project is not useful and in fact
> > hurts
> > our efforts. i have no plans for KUA at this point due to this and due to
> > your limited knowledge in the field that is directly reflected by your
> > solo
> > efforts in this regard. we have several usability professionals that are
> > getting involved in KDE usability and KUA does nothing to enable this
> > process."[6]

> This comment is hardly constructive.

I second this too.

While reading the thread I see general disapproval on his behavior with some 
wise lines trying to motivate him to keep up the good work, but away from 
here. I think that Frans speeds up things a lot, I wouldn't like to see him 
on GNOME :-)

Saying that 'Aaron is the captain' at this point maybe is a bit late. If 
usability has a captain it must be made clear so Frans would have asked 
him/her before starting the KUA project times ago. He is open for suggestions 
and ready to drop his work but that thing never made someone happy.

I like KUA and I can tell it because I've read them... you try too! The 
project makes sense to me, there is a load of good thoughts written clearly 
and objectively and is the perfect companion for the UIG project (have you 
seen his port of the old UIG webpages to the new site with a cleaner look 
that mades UIG more consistant to KDE? I bet it's easier to edit too).

The point is that Frans 'goes making changes'. This seems weird, but isn't as 
terrible as seeing good ideas and good work trashed because its usability 
discussion times out! A commit can be reverted, mental blocks no and those 
are stopping great changes. Frans had done good job while now imho. And I 
think KUA is its last try to standardize the 'way to get things usable', the 
'procedure' not the "menu must be 22px height" thing.

So what to do now? IMHO Poll people. Ask what they want. Ask esperts. And 
organize usability. Make clear who works on what. If there is a lead. If 
there is a committee who collects opinions, judges the whole thing and writes 
the report of the discussion (so theat won't be reiterated over time). 
Usability's role to Quality Team. Its role to development.
This will save headaches to Frans and will make things more clear (and hence 
useful) for who like me watches usability list waiting to know what will be 
the next big change Aaron or Frans will make.

NOTE: I hate Frans for having removed my beloved konsole button :-), but I 
know that for far more than 50% of the users it was only a stupid button for 
toggling a black(or white?) rectangle. So that was good _for sure_.


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