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Kenneth Wimer wimer at
Thu Sep 2 00:46:39 BST 2004

Hi all,

* Frans Englich <frans.englich at> [Sep 01. 2004 23:33]:
> I'm sick of the attitude outlined in the initial mail, and I want that 
> changed, and I want actual discussion about the practical matters.

 I think that perhaps everyone is right in their own way because this
whole situation is a misunderstanding (sounds funny, but that's how life
works). It is hard to appreciate all the work done by the team during
aKademy without attending because until now (only a short time later)
the information and the results of all that hard work are beginning to
come slowly in waves. It is only natural that the person "making the
waves" has to deal with problems resulting from misunderstandings. 

In the end, the person who does the most work, understands the subject
matter the best, and really wants to deal with all the crap associated
with running an open source project, should be picked or else things
fall into chaos. The only way I know to avoid this is to have a one man
team but they tend to be one-sided, if you know what I mean.

Nobody is perfect but we to make KDE perfect. I think it is time to
shake hands and start working towards that goal.


P.S. I really hope this ends this thread.
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