KDElibs/win32 merge: How to resolve followin issue..

Jarosław Staniek js at iidea.pl
Wed Sep 1 08:50:31 BST 2004

>>>No, it's MSVC...: not only me use this one (v 6.0), it's quite large
>>VC6 is totally worthless the VC compiler which work like proper compiler
>>should start with 7.  It's MSVC that's faulty.  I remember msvc++ 6 didnt
>>want to compile an app with std::getline(std::cin, string variable) or
>>std::reverse(str.begin(), str.end()) .
> Well, nevertheless, msvc 6 is still used in many places and at work it's not 
> always easy to update the software.
> I know that msvc 6 sucks, but if there are existing patches to make it work 
> and which are not too ugly, they should be considered.

I wish it could be easy to maintain patches for version 6. But it's going to 
be uglier and uglier. And e.g. KTextEditor interface with KatePart 
implementation and all these namespaces is totally not portable to v6, without 
API change.

I hope that with M$ "dumping" prices for  msvc++ standard ($100 or so) people 
can affort it.  (easily coexists with v6). Borland C++ 6 standard compiler is 
no more expensive, so with a help of its users I guess we'd support it as well?

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