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Dario Massarin nekkar at
Sun Oct 31 16:42:14 GMT 2004

On Sunday 31 October 2004 21:56, Piotr Szymanski wrote:
> Hi,
> Who is the Kget maintainer?

The kget mainteiner is Carsten Pfeiffer.

Since the kget head code is in a very bad shape,  I started working on the 
make_it_cool branch with Enrico Ros half an year ago.

Currently the branch has been almost completely rewritten from scratch and 

Now we have a Transfer class that can be easily inherited to allow new kind of 
transfers (and yes, in the future this will allow also bitTorrent support). 
Now the only transfer we have is "TransferKio" that uses the kde kioslaves.

All the configuration stuff has been ported to KConfigXT.

I have just started to implement a Group class. The idea behind this is to let 
the user (if he wants) reorganize his downloads into groups. 

The transfers.kgt file is now an xml.

We have reached a good decoupling between the kget "engine" and the gui by 
means of a ViewInterface class. Each view inheriting ViewInterface can 
command the "scheduler" (that is the core of kget) and receives updates 
regarding the status of each transfer. Every operation executed from a view 
is than notified to all the views.

To the usability folks: maybe now it's time to start thinking how the ideal 
new kget interface should look like. 

I would be very happy to see someone else join the development, since my free 
time is very limited. 
BTW my plan is to make kget ready for KDE4.

Have a nice day!

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