[PATCH] XML validity of kcfg files

Christian Mueller cmueller at gmx.de
Sun Oct 31 19:27:25 GMT 2004

Am Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2004 19:16 schrieb Aaron J. Seigo:
> KConfigXT does not care about the order of the tags. that is not likely to 
> change. that much is easy to deduce.
> therefore, i just wanted to make sure that you (and others) who were spending 
> your valuable time doing these things realized the changes were purely 
> cosmetic and largely pedantic. now, i fully understand the drive for Beauty 
> in our sources as i make changes from time to time based on an esthetic 
> perception of the source code, but:

Well, not all the invalidities the checks have reported were about the order 
of elements.  

I agree that the order is not important for KConfigXT and that 
it will probably never be any problem.  But in order to get the signal-to-noise 
ratio of the validity checks down the "normal" case would have to be a valid 
file, and that would mean getting the order right (or defining validity in a 
way where the order doesn't matter).  I think that it would have only been 
an *initial* effort to reach that validity, after that there would
only be *real* problems like non-wellformedness or nonsensical tags (which do
exist in the KDE code but don't seem to be a problem with the current implementation 
of KConfigXT). 

But considering that 

- the DTD is not really meant for validation 
- even kcfgcreator produces (XML-wise) invalid output 
  (well, that's not surprising now that I know that the DTD is not meant 
  for validation and validity is really defined pragmatically in terms 
  of "It works.")
- kconfig_compiler doesn't validate the input files for above reason
- there are no plans to change the above because it's not considered to be 
  worth the effort by the author, a position I have to accept.

it doesn't make any sense to continue fixing the kcfgs

... or this thread. Just let it rest in peace. :-)


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