KHelpCenter/help-kioslave problem

cies cies.breijs at
Fri Oct 29 14:17:37 BST 2004

little help needed:

i want to use the kapp->invokeHelp("<docbook-id>", "", "");
to display help on a specific topic. To demonstate my problem i use a
specific help item of kate, since i figured most of us have got that

Just putting it like i show above doesnt work. The page where the
<docbook-id> is on is shown, but not scrolled to the location of the
id anchor (it looks like the "#anchor" part of the URL was not
in kdelibs/kdecore/kapplication.cpp:invokeHelp i read:
url = QString("help:/%1?anchor=%2").arg(appname).arg(anchor);
DCOPRef( "khelpcenter", "KHelpCenterIface" ).send( "openUrl", url, startup_id );

When i use konq to go
"help:/kate?anchor=kate-part-selection-persistent" (which is the
proper way to go there iirc) i get seemingly transferred to
"help:/kate/index.html#kate-part-selection-persistent" but not to the
anchor on that page -- it stays on the top of that page. Like i just
described it stayes on top of the page and doesnt scroll to the

When i enter the location bar again i go to the anchor.

yet this works wel if i go straight to (in konq):

or if i use kdcop to set
"help:/kate/index.html#kate-part-selection-persistent" in
KHelpCenterIface-OpenUrl, than all works fine...

if i use kdcop to set "help:/kate?anchor=kate-part-selection-persistent" in
KHelpCenterIface-OpenUrl, i again get stuck on top of the screen

and it somehow doesnt work from the command line:
dcop khelpcenter KHelpCenterIface openUrl
"help:/kate/index.html#kate-part-selection-persistent", ""
but this is not important to me :)

Im tryered of this... I cant fix it.

Thanks for reading,

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