dcop/dbus and async communication

Wink Saville wink at saville.com
Wed Oct 27 06:53:21 BST 2004


Has using "only" asynchronous communication techniques been considered. 
I've been using it for embedded multi-media application and it seems to 
work quite well. It certainly isn't as easy to use but it does 
eliminate some types of problems. For instance the deadlock problems 
mentioned here 
http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-core-devel&m=109826907823205&w=2 and in 
this post Waldo mentions using async.

But to be really useful "all" applications would need to implement 
async messaging. I would worry that providing, as dbus does, both sync 
and async, programmers being the lazy people we tend to be, would 
probably use the sync protocol. Well at least that's what I would do:)

For the record, the main benefit I see to async is the robustness it 
provides by having the applications, or in my case components within 
the application, very loosely coupled. In my application we have 
components/applications running in 4 processors across 3 different 
communication mediums; I2C, custom FPGA and TCP/IP (wifi/ethernet).


Wink Saville


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